Complete Guide to Nail your College Interviews!!


Remember, this is a college interview and your interviewers expect a student to walk in the door. They are not looking for a lawyer or a CEO.

There is no need for a complete three-piece suit unless that’s what makes you feel most comfortable. Similarly, if you don’t normally wear high heels, today is not the day to try them out for the first time.

Your interview attire should be something that makes you feel comfortable and composed while conveying that you take the process seriously and are respectful of the institution and the interviewers.tumblr_lwg6ccgLRE1r790gdo1_500


If you’re a boy, you should consider wearing pants or khaki pants paired with a collared shirt. Be sure to tuck your shirt in and wear a belt so that your pants fit snugly
If you’re a girl, you should consider wearing dress pants or a knee-length skirt or dress. Pair these with a simple blouse or business appropriate sweater.


Your shoes should be appropriate and polished. You should not wear any sneakers, platforms, or high heels over 3”. Make sure that your shoes are not exceptionally scuffed or worn.

If you don’t already have a pair of nice, professional shoes, now is the time to invest in a pair. You will need them beyond the interview for jobs and other events in college.


Be sure to leave most of your fashion accessories at home or in the car. You should not wear or bring any sunglasses or hats to the interview. These types of accessories are more likely to distract attention from what you have to say. If you do wear earrings, or any other jewelry, it should be modest and not distracting.



Be mindful of arriving for the interview having recently showered, brushed your teeth, and used deodorant. This shows that you have planned ahead and taken it seriously.

For girls, makeup should be natural and light. Don’t wear bright lipsticks, eyeshadow, or anything else that might distract from what you have to say.

For boys, make sure to shave or trim your facial hair. Having a beard or a mustache is of course fine, but it should be well-groomed. Remember that your facial hair is an indication of your care and preparation.




Your body language is just as important a part of your outward appearance as anything you’re wearing.

When you walk into the interview, even if you are feeling nervous, put a smile on your face, make eye contact, and shake hands with a firm grip. As you do so, introduce yourself and thank your interviewer(s) for having with you.

At the end of the interview, do the same and thank the interviewer(s) for their time. Tell them that you’ve enjoyed speaking with them and look forward to exploring your options at their institution.

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